Friday, March 17, 2017

This Month: March 2017, part 1

As usual, I'm not sure how we're already halfway through the month. Well, I made it through my decision to share this blog with more people unscathed. I've received several lovely comments and messages that have made me feel glad to have shared. 

The view from here: 
long article about service dogs for MS has me wanting one, but also not.

arm burrito...heat packs wrapped in a hot blanket...but veins still didn't want to cooperate

those scribbles are supposed to be my initials haha (written at an awkward angle with my non-dominant hand)

6 sticks later, I have an IV and it's Tysabri time!

planning to start making frittatas regularly again, but we'll see if I follow through.

lotsa bruises this month from attempts at starting an iv
out of the 6 sticks, 3 spots have bruises like this...I wonder why some bruise and some don't?

crazy high winds on this day.

cousin's skating show...this was my favorite part.

Qdoba veggie tacos!

backstage at the concert hall...but this is just good advice all the time!

just reached this page in the little journal/notebook my niece sent me.  
(I have been using it a lot and I am enjoying it!)

my 7th year as part of this research study on aging and quality of life for people with MS and a few other diseases.
it's 48 pages of questions about pain, fatigue, current physical abilities, finances, and mood.
I always find it pretty depressing to fill out, to see my honest answers to certain questions.

example. to be fair, it had been a particularly bad pain week when I filled this out.

farewell, pretty flowers.

loved this...but, seriously, I thought the chip reader was required to be everywhere by now

symphony week = yay but it creates need for a major rebalancing of my spoons.

MS Research I'm Excited About

Researchers Uncover Molecule Secreted by Immune Cells that Promotes Regeneration of Nerve-Insulating Myelin

Coming Soon:

  • those last 2 symptom series posts...really, they will eventually arrive
  • the long-awaited guest post from my friend Heather! (I've already read part of's really happening, this is not a drill!)
  • my non-political thoughts on the health care bill and things certain politicians have said lately that broke my heart
  • a post about diet and MS

Let's all approach the weekend like the kids from that BBC interview:


And hope it doesn't turn out like this:


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