Monday, April 11, 2011

Challenge Day 11: Wikipedia Revised

I had a little bit too much fun with today's WEGO HAWMC prompt. The plan was to check out the Wikipedia page for your respective health issue and consider how it could or should be revised to best reflect reality. The current Wikipedia MS page is pretty thorough and consistent with what I know about the disease. I even learned a few little things. The prompt suggests changing things you find to be vague, stigmatizing or just plain wrong as well as adding anything that you think is missing and should be included. I've never actually submitted a Wikipedia revision, but I think this prompt is a great idea because Wikipedia pages are at the front end of search results for just about everything these days and are a primary source of information for many people.

However, I decided to take a different direction and completely revise the page in an ideal, fantasy, fun kind of way. Click to see a larger, more readable version:

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