Thursday, April 14, 2011

Challenge Day 14: Lies

These are all sadly from real interactions with people in my life. Line one is something I've been told (more or less) and its partner is the mental tag I added to their words:

my sister's neighbor's vet has MS, but you would never know it - she's fine!
so thus, you shouldn't be upset or worry.
MS is easily curable - just take drug x, herb y, or follow diet z!
and if you don't, being sick is your fault.
quiet people who keep their emotions inside bring the disease on themselves.
so why didn't you just vent a bit more?
well, you look really great!
because, after all, grooming standards should be lower for the ill.

I know, of course, that these are all, in various forms and ways, misconceptions and lies. But all of these conversations sometimes still haunt me, despite this knowledge. And there you have it, today's WEGO HAWMC prompted blog: a poem-ish list of lies or misconceptions about your health condition. Stay tuned fo an itty-bitty story tomorrow!


Jodi said...

I think when we get diagnosed with MS we also are forced to take on the role of educator and advocate too!

Kayla said...

Jodi, indeed! Most of us first have to educate and advocate for ourselves, but we quickly take on roles of educator and advocate for the larger community.

Miss MS said...

This list made me crack up. Yes, I think the diet recommendation is the most annoying to me. I am very healthy and exercise regularly but I have been told by friends to "cut out anything unnatural from your diet, that will help your MS."

It's annoying but I try to not get too upset because I know people just want to help, in their own way...