Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenge Day 21: My Amazing Mother!

Today's HAWMC prompt is an easy one: write about someone you admire.There are tons of people I admire in this world from friends and mentors to famous musicians, writers, artists, athletes, and maybe even a politician or two. And as I've gotten more into this MS blogosphere, I've added plenty of bloggers to my list. The way some of you - many with significantly more health woes than I currently have - approach life with such hope and vigor amazes me. But on the long list of people I admire, no one else comes even close to my mom.
me and mom and mountains!

Beyond the fact that she gave birth to me and has put up with me all these years, my mom's admiration-worthy qualities are many. She has all the usual suspects, of course: kind, compassionate, smart, funny, and so forth. This woman has experienced more than her fair share of adversity and heartache in her life, but this is also a woman with more love and integrity and strength than anyone I've ever known - a woman who shows me by example how to come out stronger on the other side.

She never missed a concert or important event in my life, from fifth grade band all the way through four years as a music major in college...and that's a lot of concerts!! She made many sacrifices to ensure that I could pursue my dreams, but she never once let on that she may have been tired or struggling. I've never gone a second in my life without knowing that somebody thought I was pretty special, even when I didn't believe it myself.

When I started having some funny symptoms during grad school, she drove across the country to make sure I was okay. She drove me to my first MRI appointment (at 2 a.m.!!) and supported me as I struggled to walk down that long hallway. She was a sad but solid support when I was diagnosed with MS and she sat with me for my first steroid infusions. When things kept getting worse and worse but I was determined to finish the year and earn my Master's degree, she uprooted her life and basically moved in to help me out. When I could barely walk and certainly couldn't handle stairs but needed/wanted to get to school to teach or attend class, she provided curbside service - and with this building, that was no easy feat! She took care of many of the little things I had no energy to even consider tackling so that I could focus on getting through each day.

Because of her, I now have that Master's degree and I'm still pursuing those dreams. Because of her, I grew up knowing I could do anything. Because of her, I am a lifelong reader and dreamer.  Because of her, I write this blog! And because of her, I won't even worry that this post is an inadequate tribute (which it surely is) because I know that she thinks I'm great, regardless. I love you, mom!!

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Peace Be With You said...

Your Mom sounds amazing. And what a great daughter who expresses her gratitude so vividly.