Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Challenge Day 20: Where I Write

Missed a few days again, but I'm back for Day 20 of the challenge. Today's prompt is to write about the space where you write. Well, I write in a few different spots, but the following list is always in play:

  • It's gotta be comfy. I'm not a sit upright at a desk kind of writer. I prefer to be in a at-least-somewhat-reclined position of repose. Generally, I chill out on the couch or in my big comfy chair with a blanket and my trusty laptop.
  • I need the right amount of the right kind of distractions. I can't have too much stimulation, but I can't be completely isolated either. I like to have things to look at, but it can't be so compelling that I can't pull myself away. So, a window with a semi-boring view will do. And certain objects are important. I like being around things that inspire me. I love being around books. I like to have stuff to play with (I tend to need little bursts of distraction in the middle of writing and other creative tasks) like the lime green ukulele I'm teaching myself to play or some bongos to drum away on or some coloring books and crayons. These fun distractions allow me to ruminate consciously or subconsciously on whatever I'm working on and come back to the task at hand refreshed. I should also mention that I'm a card-carrying member of Procrastinator's Anonymous, and I tend to procrastinate even on enjoyable and no-pressure tasks. But it sounds better to talk about it as a boost to the creative juices.
  • There's got to be a handy spot nearby to place some coffee, tea or water.
comfiest chair of all time!

That's pretty much it. All of that being said, I have found working in coffee shops and libraries and other public places to be a positive experience on occasion, but I generally find them a little too distracting to do my best work. And, I often fantasize about ideal office/working/reading/creating spaces. I love seeing the different workspaces featured on Lifehacker, for example. This might make me a bit of a nerd, but I'm pretty sure I'm a card-carrying member of that club already, too. What's your ideal writing space look like??

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