Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Challenge Day 27: Light a Candle

widely attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt
adapted from a Chinese proverb

I think the above quote is inspiring and very applicable to life with a chronic illness. I believe that feeling upset about the darkness and expressing those feelings can be important, but whenever it's possible it's always better to find a way to light that candle. This has tons of meanings and applications - from finding ways (perhaps new ways) to be as physically healthy as possible to finding new ways to be emotionally and spiritually healthy and engaged with the world to taking education and turning it into empowerment and advocacy. I hate MS and bemoan much of what it means for me and so many others, but I also celebrate the insights and truths that my MS muse has illuminated for me that I otherwise might not have understood.  I could go on and on, because light and fire are such rich metaphorical playgrounds, but with quotes like this, I think the words speak for themselves. It is my hope that this blog can serve as a lit candle.

brought to you by HAWMC Day 27 prompt

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