Saturday, April 16, 2011

Challenge Day 16, sort of

Todays WEGO HAWMC prompt is to write about a fictional cure for your disease. Since I didn't look ahead, I sort of already did this with my Wikipedia revision on Day 11 of the challenge. The details of Dr. Goodman's cure weren't elaborated on and the whole thing was more playful than in the journalistic vein today's prompt was going for, but I'm considering today's post retroactively completed.

Quality control provided by Gracey the Swan
Instead, I'll tell y'all about the awesome day I had today hanging out with my one-week-shy-of-5-years-old niece, Kylie. There were lots of stories - both in books and ones we made up together. There was coloring while watching movies. There were freshly-baked cookies, mixed up by an expert baker: There was fun with barbies and playing dress up and a tea party and plenty of imaginative pretending. All in all, it was a pretty awesome day and I'm thankful I had the energy to really enjoy it. Time with this precious girl is one of the highlights of my life. Back to the idea of imagining a cure for MS, the idea of Kylie getting the disease one day is heartbreaking and further fuels my intentions to become more of an advocate and activist in the hopes that one day Wikipedia really will read "MS was..."

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